" To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit.”
Stephen Hawking


Depth Defence Logistics is the choice of space industry leaders due to our enviable track record of delivering their cargo with ABSOLUTE RELIABILITY on time, on budget, safely and securely anywhere in the world.

We have pioneered special cargo handling procedures tailored to non-fungible space industry equipment and the unique needs of spaceflight companies and astronomical organisations.

Depth Defence Logistics has more people and strategically located resources focused on supporting our space clients with international logistics services than any other company in Oceania.

Our team is an elite group of master logisticians who dynamically get the job done in a “hands-on” and personalised manner, 24 hours a day. Planning and preparation is critical to a successful delivery and we understand the importance of compliance at origin and destination is greater with space equipment so we will help you navigate this.

We routinely transport sophisticated and delicate satellites and other space equipment from door to door anywhere in the world and handle all formalities enroute including customs, quarantine and cargo insurance to mention a few.

All modes of transport are utilised to optimise the transportation task in terms of speed of delivery and costs. We have access to aircraft and ships that can securely carry any size cargo to anywhere in the world.

Cargo can be tracked and monitored in real-time using the latest technology for vibration, Gforce events and climate sensors. Our team can assist with highly specialised packing and crating that is able to protect the cargo from rigours of international shipping and is often reusable.

Our defence credentials, security clearances, experience and network provides our clients peace of mind that their precious cargo is in the best possible hands.

Our clients include commercial and government organisations such as –

  • Australian Defence Force & Allied Nations
  • Satellite & launch equipment manufacturers
  • Spaceflight companies
  • Rocket fuel companies
  • Astronomical organisations
  • Aerospace companies

We are already thinking ahead as to how we can extend traditional terrestrial freight forwarding services to meet the emerging space logistics needs of our clients including launching satellites and decommissioning them.

Depth Defence Logistics are the choice of the space industry.

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