"There is no shorter road to defeat than by entering a war with inadequate preparation”
Charles Lindbergh



Depth Defence Logistics can assist with every conceivable cargo preparation and packing task to ready it for its journey.

Our cargo logistics team is comprised of veterans and civilians who are multi-skilled and qualified in all fields of sea preparation and biosecurity. This team can be rapidly deployed to defence bases or any location domestically or internationally from our Brisbane Depth Defence Logistics Centre. This team possess security clearances ranging from Maritime and Airport Security accreditation through to Department of Defence clearances. We have the right person available for any task. This team is on standby for rapid deployment with all equipment necessary whenever and wherever they are needed.

Our equipment includes our “SEA PREP 1” customised 20’ container module that is packed with every piece of equipment that could ever be required. SEA PREP 1 can be transported anywhere to support any mission. If the task is in a remote location with little or no resources then we can be completely independent as we are equipped with diesel powered hot and cold pressure washers and a 1000 litre water tank. An electric generator is part of this module so we can run all tooling and communications equipment self-sufficiently. Our SEA PREP 1 module also boasts a wide array of hand tools for light mechanical tasks required for preparing cargo for sea transport.

SEA PREP 1 is a fully mobile biosecurity washing facility, light mechanical workshop and cargo handling resource operated by true professionals who understand military tasks and culture.

Our 2.5t container mast forklift, our biosecurity pressure washing trailer, utes, vans or even our trucks and low loaders can also be deployed to support any operation.

SEA PREP trailer

The Depth Defence Logistics Centre which is optimally located within 2km from Brisbane airport and wharves, has further cargo handling capability including two washpads, a fumigation pad, MHE and high security storage in our warehouse or yard. This facility is well lit so if the task requires a 24/7 urgent effort you can rely on us. We now have the same facilities strategically located at our Depth Defence Logistics Centres in Townsville and under development in Darwin.


Our cargo logistics team can perform the following tasks domestically or internationally:

  • Biosecurity washing
  • Pre-shipment cleanliness inspections by former biosecurity officers
  • Fumigation
  • Container packing
  • Container unpacking
  • Lashing and securing
  • Shrink wrapping of cargo
  • Packing and crating of cargo
  • Forklift and truck hire

With our team focussing on SEA PREP and transport of your cargo your team can focus on more important operations.

Depth Defence Logistics – The Choice of Defence Industry

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