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Depth Defence Logistics Centres




Our Depth Defence Logistics Centres (2DLC) were established to provide every cargo handling, clearance and transport capability that defence and defence industry would ever need.

The 2DLCs are strategically located to support defence and government supply chains first and foremost. They are located in close proximity to Brisbane,Townsville and Darwin wharves, airports and defence bases. All 2DLCs have excellent access to major national highways for our own transport fleet to deliver cargo anywhere in Australia. Darwin 2DLC also boasts a landing craft pocket for littoral transport operations.

Our state of the art logistics centres operate 24/7 to support any defence cargo movements and offer a high security environment with CCTV and alarms. Our 2DLCs are ITAR compliant and are able to host military personnel security teams for highly controlled goods. We have a SCEC approved safe installed for any items requiring additional security.

Our modern fleet of trucks and secure vans are headquartered at our Depth Defence Logistics Centres so moving your cargo could not be easier. Forklifts and all required material handling equipment is onsite.

We have a large high bay secure warehouse and fully fenced and sealed yard for safe storage of any cargo or vehicles.


The 2DLCs in Brisbane and Townsville have large washpads that are capable of operation day and night, and a fumigation pad. We also have a certified container stand to facilitate DAFF rural tailgates. Currently our Approved Arrangement application with DAFF is being processed and we will soon have this in place to start accepting cargo under DAFF directions. These same capabilities are under development in Darwin and will be online soon.

Our washpads prioritise defence cargo ahead of civilian shipments at all times and we employ many ADF veterans who have qualifications and experience in the operation of most common types of military vehicles. Our biosecurity washing capability adopts a sophisticated, technical and careful approach so as to treat this high value and strategically important equipment with the respect it deserves. Our goal being to keep its availability to Defence high in case it is ever needed.

2DLCs are an ideal place to receive cargo where our team can pack or unpack containers or flat racks. If your cargo needs to be shrink wrapped, palletised or crated then these services are available as well.

Whether you are moving your cargo via air, sea, road or have delicate space industry equipment Depth Defence Logistics Centres have every capability you will ever need.

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