" The essence of flexibility is in the mind of the commander; the substance of flexibility is in logistics "
Rear Admiral Henry Eccles, U.S. Navy

Defence Air Charter Flights

Depth Defence Logistics are adept at arranging air freight charter flights specialising in defence and military cargo. Our expertise, qualifications, capabilities and experience are relied upon by astute logistics decision makers to deliver their cargo on time, on budget, safely and securely.

Our network of carefully vetted aircraft owners are ITAR compliant and able to deploy aircraft to a transportation task rapidly that have a broad range of international landing rights. This includes delivering cargo into remote locations and even hostile or politically charged environments.

With defence air charter flights security and confidentiality are of paramount importance so our personnel and systems are trustworthy and reliable.

Depth Defence Logistics are registered logistics vendors to the United Nations Global Marketplace for humanitarian relief efforts.

While we access many types of cargo aircraft we mainly charter the Boeing 747-400ERF(Extended Range Freighter) which has a capacity to uplift 112760kg/755cbm of cargo. At this payload this aircraft has a range of 9200km which is 972km further than other 747 Freighter variants. This makes it one of the lowest cost per tonne per mile cargo aircraft operating. It also has a strengthened fuselage, landing gear, and parts of its wing, along with larger tires. It has the option of up to six seats for clients that may want to accompany their cargo. All of these features make the 747-400ERF well suited to defence and military operations. See full specification of Boeing 747 Freighter Specifications.

We go beyond the air freight task and can deliver cargo door to door worldwide including customs clearance. For special projects with sensitive and controlled goods a member of our operations team will often accompany the cargo to its final destination so we are ‘hands on’ for the whole journey.

Our team is contactable 24/7 and ready to respond immediately when lives or missions are at risk.

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