" The war has been variously termed a war of production and a war of machines. Whatever else it is, so far as the United States is concerned, it is a war of logistics. "
Fleet ADM Ernest J. King


Depth Defence Logistics can deliver your sea freight cargo with absolute reliability anywhere in the world.

We proudly serve on the Australian Defence Force Maritime Transport Panel and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) International Freight Forwarding Panel.

Vessels and carriers are carefully selected with ITAR compliance and security in mind for any controlled goods or defence cargo we handle. We can arrange ship’s quarters for any security detail that may be assigned to protect this cargo.

Shipping of military vehicles, trailers, helicopters or out of gauge cargo can be expertly handled by our Depth RoRo team on roll on roll off vessels. This includes handling quarantine compliance on imported cargo with pre-shipment preparation including washing, fumigation and cleanliness inspections. There is no more efficient, safe or cost effective shipping method than RoRo for any type of military vehicles, towable cargo or large static cargo.

For smaller static cargo, shipment via containers is the most efficient method and containers can easily be transported to and from most land based locations anywhere.

Depth Defence Logistics has contractual relationships with strategically important container lines that meet our stringent approved supplier criteria for defence supply chains.

For transport of large parcels of cargo we can charter vessels on a single voyage, part charter or time charter basis of all types.

To deliver cargo to remote locations where no wharf infrastructure exists we have access to a fleet of barges and landing craft (LCT) vessels to perform the transportation task required.

Depth Defence Logistics has comprehensive sea freight solutions for any type of defence supply chain cargo that needs to be delivered on time, on budget, safely and securely.

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