Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance

Depth Logistics carries A$50m in Professional Liability, and Public Liability Insurance with a leading underwriter.

This Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance gives you greater peace of mind that in the unlikely event we make an error while acting for you then our underwriter should respond to most claims.

This insurance cover extends to contractors including shipping lines, trucking companies and airlines, to mention a few, we may engage to assist us in executing the international logistics task at hand. In the event of mishap causing property or public liability claims then our underwriter should also respond to most claims.

Due to the high premium costs of this type of insurance, it is rarely taken out by most freight forwarders and if it is not at such a high limit of A$50m. This is a major discriminator between Depth and our competitors.

As we work extensively in the most challenging fields of logistics with defence and heavy industrial supply chains, we are determined to be the choice of astute logistics decision makers who seek to engage high quality and therefore lower risk solutions. The freight forwarders liability cover we have combined with our ISO certifications unpins our goal of absolute reliability to clients no matter what logistics task is entrusted to us.

It is important to note that this cover is not marine transit insurance for risks associated with the transportation of your cargo. It is prudent to always have marine insurance cover for the cargo at all times no matter what mode of transport is being used.

We can assist with marine insurance via leading underwriters in this field so please contact us for a quote and details of coverage that can be secured. In most instances we can have your cargo insurance quoted and in place the same day.

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